Pod not logging correctly when started with the Android app

Title: Pod not logging correctly when started with the Android app


Verigo recently identified a bug with the Android app, version 1.0.1126.  If you do not know what version of the app you have, you can view the version number in the bottom right corner of the login screen (this is the current version on the Google Play Store as of January 20, 2016).

When starting a Pod using this version of the Android app, it is possible that the Pod will not log at the logging interval that the user has set.  For example, a user may set the logging interval to 10 minutes.  After 2 days of logging the graph may only show 3 points, when the graph should be displaying 288 points.

If you have noticed a similar problem when starting a Pod using the Android app, please do the following:

1) Start the Pod via a button press.  You can do this by holding the button down until you see the LEDs light up.  Release the button.  The LEDs will flash, you will hear the activation tone, and the Pod will be started.

2) After starting the Pod with a button press, open the app, go to the “Nearby Tab”, and find that Pod.  Tap to connect to the Pod.  Then stop it by tapping the stop button.

3) You should now be able to start the Pod with the Android mobile app and it will log with the correct logging interval.

Please contact your distributor or Verigo technical support if:

  • You have a Pod with a SN between 0100 - 1225
  • Or you are still seeing problems and have additional questions

Thank you for being patient as we address this bug in the Android app.  The fix will be released in the next version of the app.


The Verigo Team

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