Android App Connection Troubleshooting

Android App Troubleshooting Instructions 

Any time you encounter a connection error, the first step is to reattempt connection. If error persists, attempt the following steps:

1.    Toggle Bluetooth off and on with your mobile device’s settings. Reattempt connection.

2.    Close the app and remove it from the background. Reattempt connection.

 3.    Restart your mobile device. Reattempt connection.

 4.    If the error persists, please take a screenshot of the error message and send it to We also encourage you to reach out to your account representative for the Verigo product line to request support.


The Verigo app reports all connection error messages to our servers, where we analyze them to help improve app reliability. Thank you for taking the time to provide further detail as we investigate and address your issue.

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