How to Start a Pod with Button Press

Button Press start is the option to start your pod manually, instead of starting via the mobile app. This is the easiest way to start a Pod. 

Starting a Pod for a Button Press activation is just like setting up a Pod for a normal start, but with one main difference. 

Step 1: Locate your Pod and log into the Verigo Mobile app.

Step 2: In the Pod Start 1/3 screen, input the settings you'd like written to the Pod. 

Make sure that you enable the Button Press field, this will ensure that the Pod will activate with your desired settings with the Button Press activation method.


Step 3: Connect to your desired pod in the Start Pod 2/3 screen.

The Pod you are connecting to should be inactive. 

Step 4: In the Start Pod 3/3 Screen, ensure the settings that are displayed match the settings you made in the Start Pod 1/3 screen. 

Especially note that the Button Press field is activated. 

Step 5: Once you have successfully written the settings to your Pod, activate it by holding down the multi-use button on the front of Pod. 

You will know the Pod has been activated because it will make a 2 second chime, and the LED will blink green twice to show that is active. 

Step 6: Verify that your Pod is now active from the Button Press by seeing it appear in the Nearby Pod screen. 

Note: newly advertised Pods will appear yellow in the Nearby Pod screen. 


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